A Rich Type System for Quantum Programs


We show that Gottesman’s [1998] semantics for Clifford circuits based on the Heisenberg representation can be treated as a type system that can efficiently characterize a common subset of quantum programs. Our applications include (i) certifying whether auxiliary qubits can be safely disposed of, (ii) determining if a system is separable across a given bi-partition, (iii) checking the transversality of a gate with respect to a given stabilizer code, and (iv) typing post-measurement states for computational basis measurements. Further, this type system is extended to accommodate universal quantum computing by deriving types for the T-gate, multiply-controlled unitaries such as the Toffoli gate, and some gate injection circuits that use associated magic states. These types allow us to prove a lower bound on the number of T gates necessary to perform a multiply-controlled Z gate.

Robert Rand
Robert Rand
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

My main interest is in applying techniques from programming languages and formal verification to the domain of quantum computation.