VyZX: A Vision for Verifying the ZX Calculus


Optimizing quantum circuits is a key challenge for quantum computing. The PyZX compiler broke new ground by optimizing circuits via the ZX calculus, a powerful graphical alternative to the quantum circuit model. Still, it carries no guarantee of its correctness. To address this, we developed VyZX, a verified ZX-calculus in the Coq proof assistant. VyZX provides two distinct representations of ZX diagrams for ease of programming and proof: A graph-based representation for writing high-level functions on diagrams and a block-based representation for proving ZX diagrams equivalent. Through these two different views, VyZX provides the tools necessary to verify properties and transformations of ZX diagrams. This paper explores the proofs and design choices underlying VyZX and its application and the challenges of verifying a graphical programming language.

Robert Rand
Robert Rand
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

My main interest is in applying techniques from programming languages and formal verification to the domain of quantum computation.